And I’m back!

First thing on my agenda:
You frustrate me a lot… Why must you be so lovely?


Song: True Faith (Starkillers Remix)

Artist: Serge Devant

I’ve gotten interested in Starkillers ever since their song Pressure was remixed by Alesso. The reason of interest: their name was pretty cool. They haven’t really been one of the most impressive electro groups out there but this release changed my opinion on them. Even as I speak, I’ve begun exploring their previous releases seeing if they have any other gems just waiting to be found, polished, and displayed. In this remix, Starkillers have paired great vocals with a great melody and drop. The drop is quite something with its raspy synth alongside a pounding bassline and an occasional zip-like synth (which completely blows my mind away every single time I hear it). Listen and enjoy.


Song: The Veldt (Project 46 Happy Technology Pancake)

Artist: Deadmau5

Before I begin my review, I just want to say how hilarious it is to find remixes once in a while with the most outrageous names (Exhibit A: Project 46 happy Technology PANCAKE). Anyways, Project 46 does an amazing job remixing Deadmau5’s recent hit, The Veldt. The Veldt by itself is already something to be loved, with its chill chord progressions and soft, thumping basslines that made Deadmau5 into a world-famous figure in EDM. Project 46 builds upon this by speeding it up , adding in a stronger bassline, and placing a very progressive house-esque drop, one that’s very understated yet very noticeable (once placed alongside the original mix). In my opinion, this song has potential to become a great summer anthem, perfect for the festivals and for the road trips with the friends. Enjoy.

yas. tis quite byootiful to listen to :P

Anonymous said: I really loved your weekly electrobaptized. I even loved the name! :) I wish you continued.

actually i tried continuing it as its own separate blog. 

but iono, ive been quite busy lately to update it.

but if you want to, go check it out! you won’t be disappointed (i hope) (;

Anonymous said: Have you done tumblrdatinggame(.)com yet?

i think this is spam. LOL.

Anonymous said: are you going to the beatles: the lost concert" movie when it comes out next month?

sadly im not really aware of the classic rock world but i would be interested in going. :P

Current thoughts


We all hate her, but at the same time we (some of us) love(d) her. 

I know I did. Being able to read so many things about different people was honestly very fun and very interesting. Of course I felt bad for taking pleasure in the undermining of others but still, very enjoyable.

We found dirt (both new and already known) on other people. We turned against each other. We were exposed.

In the end, we were perceived as a bunch of sick degenerates who go at each others’ throats when we get the chance. THSGG made us realize the disgusting nature of humans. 

Minutes, hours after THSgossipgirl privatized her site, statuses went up all over facebook talking about how disappointed people were of THS, of the people around them, of this gossip spreading.

But one thing I don’t understand is what’s so different about this time compared to others? We’ve always been like what THSGG showed us today. We stab peoples backs, we want to undermine others, and we want to feel better about ourselves at the expense of others. So why does it matter that other peoples’ sick nature has been shown? Why should something that was already there influence our own personal connections with others?

What I think is more disappointing than our revealed bloodthirsty and vulture-like character is how easily our opinions of others have changed in the matter of minutes. Most of the people mentioned in THSGG’s posts were people that we knew to an extent, some closer than the others. They’re people that we’ve built relationships with and actually got to know over the course of time. To easily discard our own perceptions and thoughts of a person and adopt another person’s tabloid-esque antagonizing viewpoints of the people around us, now that’s what is truly sick to me. THSGG’s This Just Ins and whatnot should not be influencing how we see others. Despite probably having some truths to them, they should not be changing our thoughts, our feelings, our sentiment towards one another. They are merely words, merely stories, merely truths (in some cases) told by another person. These posts don’t show the sides of these people that we have seen around school, that we have seen when we made a personal connection with them, that we have seen when they were vulnerable. These posts don’t do justice. They only show only one small, very twisted facet of a person’s true character and personality.

As I said before, our nature has always been this twisted, this corrupt. But that shouldn’t cloud your views of other people because every person is a lot more than what is just shown. Don’t focus on what people say about others, rely on what you have personally seen, experienced, and realized about the people around you.

This incident isn’t something disappointing, this is merely a reminder of what has always been a part of us. Don’t let something that is present in everyone become a repellent, a roadblock in the thoughts/relationships that we’ve personally built and developed with others. Hell, just take it as it is and don’t think anymore of it.

Just my own two cents.


Now that’s the great ambiguity.


Well, I won’t be able to visit Boston during the break to give me a glimpse of what my next 4 years will seem like.

So essentially I’ll be committing to live in a completely new and unknown place.

Boston has 4 seasons, a fast-paced lifestyle, the East Coast culture (still trying to figure out what that means), and is a white-dominant city

Fully/Cali has/is none of that.

But oddly enough, I’m completely okay with what I’m committing to.

Makes me realized that sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith into something completely different, something completely strange. It is from that moment on that your world, your horizons, and your views in life begin to expand and mature.

I guess Boston it is.